Monday, December 2, 2013

QR Code Activities

I discovered QR codes this summer and I can't get enough of them! The first activity I created for my K-1 kids was a QR code attached to their writing that accessed a link to a video of them reading their stories. My students wrote "Small Moment Stories" in the first unit of the Lucy Calkins Writer's Workshop. We used an iPad app called Videolicious and another one called Explain Everything to record each student reading their work. Videolicious allows only one minute of recording but sets the narration to music which my students LOVED. A couple students wrote stories that were longer than a minute so we used Explain Everything for their recording. There was no background music for those though. I gave the books, with the QR code taped to the front, to each of my students' parents during parent conferences. I showed them how to scan the code to see the video. There were tears! Most parents didn't know how to scan QR codes so I showed them the app they would need. (I used I-Nigma.) One of my students told me today that his mom shared the video with his family during their Thanksgiving weekend. I was so happy to hear it!

Next, I created a geography scavenger hunt for the 2nd and 3rd grade class. I used  to enter a google maps location for each address of each student in the class. I created a worksheet with the code for each address and a blank line next to it. Each student scanned the code and wrote the address on the line. Then they had to collaborate with one another to figure out which address belonged to which student. The students in that class loved the activity. One of them thanked me for it and told me it was the best part of his day. A great review!

I have a fun activity planned for my K-1 kiddos during their Technology Time tomorrow. We only have about 20 minutes but we have ALL ten of the school iPads during that time so many kids get to have their own iPad during this time which is a real treat. We are studying weather in Science at the moment so I created a 3 QR code worksheet for them to use during Tech Time. They will scan the codes and watch 2 YouTube videos about clouds and reading a thermometer. Then they will scan another code to play a cloud matching game.  You can use my activity by clicking this link. It is a Google doc I have made public.

Check back for more ideas about how to use QR codes in the classroom! 

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